Savannah and Chase Chrisley Claim Mom Julie’s Prison Cell Has Snakes

Julie Chrisley’s prison has some reptilian inmates according to her children, Savannah and Chase Chrisley.

“Mom has rattlesnakes just casually slithering on the floor in front of her,” Savannah, 25, claimed on the Tuesday, July 25, episode of her “Unlocked” podcast. Chase, 27, corrected his sister, stating the reptiles weren’t rattlesnakes but some other kind of “poisonous snakes.”

Savannah went on to claim that the snakes were “literally right there where her bed is.” Chase alleged the prison officials told him that the only way to apprehend the creatures was to “mace” them. However, when dealing with a venomous snake, the best course of action is to call animal control or use a snake trap, per AZ Animals.

In addition to the reptiles, the siblings also claimed that both Julie, 50, and their father, Todd Chrisley, both didn’t have air conditioning in their respective prisons.

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Todd, 54, reported to Federal Prison Camp Pensacola in Pensacola, Florida, to serve his 12-year sentence in January. Julie, for her part, is serving her seven-year sentence at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. The couple were found guilty in June 2022 of 12 counts of tax evasion, bank and wire fraud and conspiracy.

“I don’t care if you killed somebody, if you’re in a government facility you should have air conditioning,” Chase said. “It’s ridiculous.”

Savannah and Chase Chrisley Claim Mom Julie Chrisley Prison Is Overrun by Poisonous Snakes
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Savannah went on to explain that not having a comfortable room temperature was the “least” of the problems in their parents’ prisons. She claimed that black mold, asbestos, and lead-based paint were present in addition to the snakes. Chase quipped, “It’s not Fear Factor.”

“Well Chase, it is prison,” she retorted. “We’re not going to sit here and act like it should be the Four Seasons because it shouldn’t.”

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While Chase acknowledged prisons shouldn’t have the same amenities as an upscale hotel, he just wants his parents to be safe.

“It’s prison, so people don’t have any sympathy for it,” Savannah said. “When your loved one’s sitting there, literally having a heat stroke and ending up in a hospital or not being fed properly … it’s awful.”

As Todd and Julie are coping with the alleged “inhumane conditions,” Savannah and Chase are confident their parents will power through as they are “doing fine with what they’re given.”

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“Our parents, they are very, very strong individuals,” Chase said. “They were not built to break and this damn sure isn’t going to break them.”

Savannah also claimed her parents are continuing to maintain their innocence and have obtained “new legal counsel” as Todd and Julie seek to appeal their conviction.

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