Tom Sandoval Breaks Silence on Billie Lee’s ‘False Claims’ About His GF

Tom Sandoval Slams Billie Lee’s ‘False Claims’ About His Girlfriend Victoria Lee Robinson Being 'Toxic'
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Despite being in Scotland filming The Traitors, Tom Sandoval found the time to address former friend Billie Lee‘s recent comments about his “toxic” girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson.

“Billie Lee’s false claims toward Victoria Lee Robinson and Kyle Chan were designed to damage our friendships and relationships,” Sandoval, 41, wrote via Instagram Stories on Sunday, June 9. “Victoria, Kyle and I all heard her on speaker phone while she made those accusations.”

Sandoval questioned Lee’s intentions, adding, “They were designed to isolate me from my close friends for ulterior motives.”

The social media post ended with Sandoval promising a larger statement in the future.

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“It is not a coincidence that she is doing this while I am out of the country and she is on tour,” he concluded. “I will be addressing everything when I am back.”

Vanderpump Rules fans noticed earlier this year that Sandoval and Lee were no longer following each other on Instagram. Lee, 39, who previously appeared on the hit Bravo series, recently blamed Robinson, 31, for the falling out between her and Sandoval.

“The fighting is constant. It’s the most toxic relationship I’ve ever seen in my life. I literally would cry,” Lee said on the Wednesday, June 5, episode of the “Billie and the Kid” podcast. “And that was the situation where I felt I could no longer be friends with both of them.”

Tom Sandoval Slams Billie Lee’s ‘False Claims’ About His Girlfriend Victoria Lee Robinson Being 'Toxic'
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According to Lee, her mental health declined after Sandoval started dating Robinson.

“Because it was so toxic. I was feeling so much anxiety. And then I also was just feeling uncomfortable being in a house [with them],” she continued. “The thing is Tom was sober for a very long time. When he met Victoria, he started drinking again. And I noticed a lot of alarming things.”

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Lee also accused Robinson of being jealous of Sandoval’s friendships.

“Tom and I didn’t really hang out a lot one-on-one. That was fine with me. I’m so happy that they’re together,” she noted before recalling a situation when Robinson kept “calling and calling and calling” when Lee was over at Sandoval’s house. “He had to go upstairs. They got into a fight. He came downstairs and he said, ‘She thinks that we’re going to sleep together tonight.’ And I’m like, ‘What?'”

Lee added: “Anyone dating Tom — and I even told Tom this — they have to be somewhat thirsty and a little desperate in a way. She would say, ‘I need to break up with Tom.’ … She would proceed to tell [his cousin and assistant] Josh that she’s embarrassed to be with him. She can’t bring him to parties.”

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Robinson offered her side of the story with help from Sandoval’s friend Kyle Chan. The duo appeared on the “Up and Adam!” podcast on Friday, June 7, where they accused Lee of creating distance between Sandoval and his loved ones.

“I always thought she was very loyal. She’s always been that friend that’s like, ‘I got your back.’ But then I feel like somewhere during this process, the love that she had for Tom has shifted a little bit different,” Chan alleged. “So it became a very selfish process. Instead of protecting him because we’re really good friends. But then it turns into, I’m protecting him, he’s mine. I feel like it shifted a little bit.”

Lee, for her part, denied Chan and Robinson’s claims in the live podcast’s comments section.

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